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Wench With Wrench


This is my blog about all things geek.

Here I review books, movies, conventions, TV shows, and any random things

that may pop into my geeky-girl brain.

Feel free to make suggestions about what I should review next!




August 27th - Review: Buffy, the movie

August 11th - Getting Back into the Groove

July 22nd - Review of the 37th Annual Sterling, NY Renaissance Festival

July 14th - You will *HEART* This Toy (18+)

July 14th - Like Melted Chocolate (18+)

June 15th - Geek at Heart

May 31st - Review: Ravencon

May 1st - Review: Wreck-It Ralph

April 16th - Lunacon Review

March 29th - Review: The Color of Magic Movie

March 18th - Review of Iron Sky

March 11th - Monster Mania Review Videos

February 27th - Airsoft - Girls Rule!

February 16th - Save the Cheerleader

January 17th - Airsoft

January 8th - Reviews of Star Wars and Second Life



December 24th - Coming Soon to an LJ Near You!

December 19th - Star Trek Diva

December 18th - The REAL Cowboy BeBop Review

December 13 - Cowboy BeBop Review (sort of)

December 9th - Lobo ParaMilitary Christmas Special

November 28th - Hunger Games Review

November 23rd - Full Review, Babylon 5 Finale

November 21st - Babylon 5 Finale

November 20th - Dead Season Review

November 19th - Babylon 5 Predictions

November 16th - Babylon 5 Review Continued

November 15th - Babylon 5 Review

November 12th - Trying to overcome Con-lag



June 25th - What is Intelligence?